Restaurant Owner’s View

Please introduce yourself.

Narendra Mehta , I am the owner of a dark kitchen and a Chinese food outlet in Delhi. We have a small sit in, but the main focus is home food deliveries

How has the pandemic affected your business?

Very negatively. For 2 months due to lockdown the business was completely shut and now even post reopening business is down to 10% of what it use to be. Most people are scared to order food from outside.

What path are you taking for recovery of loss during lock-down? Are you considering digitization as an option? Can your company provide online service/sale?

1. We currently use all online/ digital methods as we have a tie up with swiggy and zomato already.

2. We have given deals and offers to attract customers.

3. We make customers aware that we are using sanitation protocols and ensuring food is cleaned and cooked safely.

In the recent past, lakhs of workers have headed back to their homes. Is your company facing shortage of employees. If yes then how are you take ling the problem?

A number of our delivery boys and staff have gone to the villages and not returned. As business has been been very slow we have been able to manage with the existing 50-60% staff itself.

What are your views on the relief package provided by the government? Has your industry benefitted. If yes then how? If no then how what would you want the government to do for your industry.

The government has not done anything for the food and restaurant business sector and has offered no stimulus or subsidies. The govt needs to look at the small stand alone restaurant owners and offer loans or help to pay wages to the staff it employs as it’s employees million’s of people across the country.

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