Chinese envoy warns Canada against granting asylum to pro-democracy protests from Hong Kong

Ambassador Cong Peiwu said that if Ottawa cares about the 3,00,000 Canadians in Hong Kong, it should support the government’s ‘efforts to fight violent crimes’. Ambassador Peiw warned the Trudeau government on Thursday not to grant asylum to Hong Kong residents fleeing to a widely criticised national security law imposed by Beijing. He branded pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong as violent criminals and said that granting them asylum will result in interference in China’s internal affairs. 

“If the Canadian side really cares about the stability and the prosperity in Hong Kong, and really cares about the good health and safety of those 300,000 Canadian passport-holders in Hong Kong, and the large number of Canadian companies operating in Hong Kong SAR, you should support those efforts to fight violent crimes,” Cong said.

Cherie Wong, the executive director of Alliance Canada Hong Kong, said Cong’s comment is a “direct threat” to all Canadians.  “Their actions are the reason that many Hong Kongers are seeking asylum in Canada, because they no longer feel safe in Hong Kong or their human rights will be protected in Hong Kong under control of the new National Security Law,” she said in a statement.

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