How will the 20 Lakh Cr. Package Help Your Business?

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

 I am Rahul Mahajan and am the CEO of a textile manufacturing unit in Panipat, Haryana, India.

Has the government’s COVID-19 package helped you in any way?

No, the COVID- 19 package has not helped me as there are way too many bureaucratic hurdles and delays on part of the financial institutions.

What changes did you have to make in your industry in order to cope with the pandemic?

The changes that I had to make were

1-           Taking everyone’s temperature as they enter the factory

2-           Sanitising the factory everyday

3-           Maintaining social distancing between all the workers

4-           Educating the labour on hand washing and sanitising their hands repeatedly

5-           Providing all the  labourers with masks 

What challenges did your industry face due to the outbreak of this pandemic?

 During the first phase of the lockdown, labour was available easily but as the lockdown started opening the labour started getting lesser in number. From 35 labourers working at the factory, there were days when there were only 3-4 of them available due to most migrating back to their homes in the countryside.

There are many of our customers who have gone out of business as they were unable to pay their rents salaries as there had no sales. 

We also got comparative few orders since most of our clients’ offices were shut.

How have you responded to these challenges?

We are still trying to overcome these as new problems keep emerging every day due to the pandemic.

We have started a new line of production of PPE kits and masks as they are required in large quantity by the government and hospitals.

How are you managing your supply chain?

All of our suppliers are facing the same problems as us. There are many delays due to modes of transport being shut and less availability of labour to name a few . The suppliers are also not extending any credit and are demanding all payments in advance which is leading to a higher financial crunch.

2 thoughts on “How will the 20 Lakh Cr. Package Help Your Business?

  1. Preeti Mehra

    Great adaptability is needed in present times as you have shown by changing your product line.
    Best ideas and methods emerge in most testing times.
    All the best

  2. Janjyoti Das

    By the time the reliefs promised by the government reach the masses and the actual industries in need, it is often too late. What remains in our control in such times is to adapt ourselves in such times to meet the demands of the market in the best possible way, and it is great to see organisations doing the same.


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