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Boiling anger, unfair practices, falsified results, manipulated elections, and Europe’s last dictator. Belarus, a country with massive problems and protests. Located in the continent of Europe, also called White Russia, the smallest of the three Slavic republics. A peace-loving state on the verge of a collapse, what went wrong, and how? Belarusian “democracy” meant one […]

Delhi: 29% population has antibodies for Covid-19, shows second sero survey

The second round of serological survey, conducted in the first week of August in Delhi has suggested that 29.1% of the people tested have developed antibodies against the novel coronavirus. During the survey, a total of 15,000 samples were collected across 11 districts in Delhi to assess the spread of the virus, Delhi Health Minister […]

Hiroshima Nagasaki

Visualize Japan on the 6th of August just before they were about to witness the worst nightmare of their lives. The most lethal shelling witnessed by the entire world left 1,40,000 killed and several thousands injured, who died in the following years and many genetic disorders that still prevail in the region. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, […]

The J in Japan stands for Racism

A new survey carried out by Japan’s Justice Ministry reveals that nearly a third of foreign residents in Japan say they have experienced derogatory remarks because of their racial background, while about 40% have suffered housing discrimination. Of the 18,500 foreigners surveyed, 4,252 responded, the majority identified as Chinese and Korean. Over 40% had lived […]