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Hiroshima Nagasaki

Visualize Japan on the 6th of August just before they were about to witness the worst nightmare of their lives. The most lethal shelling witnessed by the entire world left 1,40,000 killed and several thousands injured, who died in the following years and many genetic disorders that still prevail in the region. Hiroshima and Nagasaki, […]

The J in Japan stands for Racism

A new survey carried out by Japan’s Justice Ministry reveals that nearly a third of foreign residents in Japan say they have experienced derogatory remarks because of their racial background, while about 40% have suffered housing discrimination. Of the 18,500 foreigners surveyed, 4,252 responded, the majority identified as Chinese and Korean. Over 40% had lived […]

An Exposition on Why We Need to Change Our Political System to Solve Many of The Problems Facing Us Today

“Quis custodiet ipsos custodiet?” is a latin phrase attributed to the roman poet Juvenal, translated as, “who will guard the guards themselves?” This article seeks to analyze the scope of police jurisdiction and excesses of state authority. To be absolutely fair, we must first talk about what makes a nation- state.A nation-state is a territorially […]

Speaketh and Doth

To a layman, Shakespeare is just another playwright. Little does the Gen Z know that Shakespeare has paved the way for free speech and expression. To seek the answer to the personally mind-boggling question – ‘Should freedom of speech and expression be absolute?’, let’s slow down and gawk at the present scenario. Around the globe, […]