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The Super National Alliance: European Union

Supranational alliances play a significant role in globalisation and improving the global economy. The European Union (EU) is a supranational alliance that comprises of 27 European nations and governing economic, social, and security policies. It provides citizenship to all citizens of the EU in addition to their nationality, a common currency known as the Euro […]

Debunking Donald Trump’s false claims and unfulfilled promises

The US President Donald Trump has come under the radar of the netizens for his notorious claims regarding how his government has set the US on a path to a blazing future. But, are his claims true or just sugar-coated lies? This becomes even more important to find out as the US Elections have set […]

A civilized debate or just plain ruckus?

The first of the US presidential debates between Donald Trump, the president of the United States and Joe Biden, the former vice-president took place on Monday. Chris Wallace moderated the meet and each speaker got to speak for 15 minutes, 2 minutes on each topic; Trump’s and Biden’s records, the Supreme Court, the coronavirus pandemic, race and violence […]