Author: Noman Shadab

Important Personality Traits of Successful Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship means working on your own ideas, following your own passion, dreams through your business. We all are familiar with the names of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk, these are people who introduced something new and creative to the life of every household. In our countries there are many hardworking and ambitious entrepreneurs […]

Afghanistan and central Asia, an overview of Afghanistan’s importance in central Asia

Introduction  Right now, the Asian continent is burning in the fire of terrorism. It has experienced lots of ups and downs through the history, including the cold war. Still, Asia has to determine its path for the future, where they want to go and how can they achieve that. Asia is a continent that contains […]

Young Startups during coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Young Startups During the Coronavirus Pandemic Start-ups play an important role in economies, but the COVID-19 pandemic is reducing the creation of start-ups and continually challenging their survival since the past few months.   Most of the countries cancelled shows, sporting events, retail chains, restaurant activities and imposed travel restrictions, while schools, universities and educational […]