A Law Firm Partner’s View

Please introduce yourself.

Hi! my name is Vijay Nair I am a partner in a Law Firm called KNM & Partners, it is based in Delhi.

How has the pandemic affected your business? If Yes then what path are you taking for recovery of loss during lock-down? Are you considering digitization as an option? Can your company provide online service/sale?

We are service providers. Courts have already started hearing through Video Conferencing and filings through Digital mode. We were already providing our services online.

Lakhs of court cases are pending. Is online hearing a viable solution?

It can be. But with the kind of legal system we have, it will take a lot of time for it to be an alternate viable solution.

In the recent past, lakhs of workers have headed back to their homes. Is your company facing shortage of employees. If yes then how are you take ling the problem?

No. We are not facing this problem as none of our employees have left.

What are your views on the relief package provided by the government? Has your industry benefitted. If yes then how? If no then how what would you want the government to do for your industry.

The relief package is much required. May be it is not enough to fulfill the losses but may be it can fill in some void. Since our Clients have got some relief across the industry spectrum, we as their service provider may be indirectly benefitted in times to come.

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